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I-CAR recently announced new courses as additions to its Electrical & Diagnostic curriculum.

These courses were developed in response to the collision repair industry’s need to understand both the why and the how of diagnostics.

As the technology in vehicles has increased, identifying the required repair has become more complex. From advanced driver assist systems to new materials and electronics, collision repair is changing.

Modern diagnostic tools help but technicians still need training to know when and how to use them. And, with potentially as many as 100 diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), understanding the information that is related to the current repair requires knowledge and experience.

These new courses will help determine the best approach for diagnostics and train technicians, estimators and appraisers on implementing proper diagnostics techniques and procedures for complete, safe, and quality repairs.

They will cover:

  • Diagnostics, repair, and calibration of electronic systems
  • Mechanical access, diagnostics, and repair
  • Vehicle communication network identification

“If you haven’t incorporated collision repair diagnostics into your repair process already, it’s time,” said Josh McFarlin, I-CAR Director of Curriculum and Product Development. “Technicians need these courses to get up to speed on diagnostics methods and technologies. I-CAR works with OEMs and diagnostic tool providers to ensure the industry gets the best information available.”

More information is available at i-car.com

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