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Chief’s new Ford Aluminum Truck/SUV Structural Holding package has been approved for use when repairing collision damage to the latest Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs.

The Ford Aluminum Truck/SUV Structural Holding Package is an expansion of Chief’s current F-150 Holding Kit. Like the F-150, the new Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator full-size SUVs feature a high-strength, military-grade aluminum body on a high-strength steel frame. Properly holding the vehicle to the frame rack during collision repair is crucial.

The Chief package includes more than 50 components that can be combined in a variety of ways to secure a vehicle to the frame rack at a wide range of holding points. The entire contents of the Structural Holding Package come neatly arranged on a rolling tool board to keep everything organized and easy to move.

To accommodate the larger passenger compartments of the new SUVs, the expanded Structural Holding Package includes an additional pair of rigid pad mounts and hardware. During repairs, the Chief rigid pad mounts spread pressure out over a larger area of the passenger compartment, reducing the chance of causing additional damage during the repair.

Shops that already have the Chief F-150 Holding Kit can update to the Ford Aluminum Truck/SUV Structural Holding Package by simply purchasing two additional rigid pad mounts with hardware.

“Shops presently repairing the Ford F-150 using our holding package don’t have to purchase a whole new structural holding package in order to work on the new Ford Expedition or Lincoln Navigator,” explains Richard Perry, OEM and strategic account sales manager for Chief. “It’s very economical for them to add a pair of rigid pad mounts to their F-150 structural holding package, for a total of eight, and they’re ready to repair the Expedition and the Navigator. And since the SUVs have the same body style as the F-150, previously trained technicians can get to work making collision repairs with no additional training.”

The new Chief Ford Aluminum Truck/SUV Structural Holding Package is priced the same as the F-150 Holding Kit, so customers get the additional rigid pad mounts at no additional cost.

The Ford Aluminum Truck/SUV Structural Holding Package is designed to work with existing Chief frame racks and measuring systems. It is available to Ford and Lincoln dealers through the Rotunda Dealer Equipment program and independent shops through the Chief distributor network.

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