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Chief’s new Universal Uni-Clamp Anchoring System is now standard on all Chief frame racks.

The anchor stand features a replaceable crosshatch section that works like 180 teeth on both jaws and the anchoring stand to provide superior gripping power on the high-strength steel pinch welds common on modern vehicles.

The bolt pattern on each jaw has been lowered 25 millimetres so technicians can easily tighten the fastening bolts from the outside, without removing the lower ground effect trim panels found on many cars.

“We have redesigned the Universal Uni-Clamp Anchoring System to increase anchoring speed and overall shop productivity,” said Richard Perry, OEM and Strategic Account Sales Manager for Chief parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “The system provides better holding power as well as easier, faster attachment to the high-strength steel pinch welds hidden by the OEM appearance trend of lower trim panels.”

The new crosshatch sections of the Chief Universal Uni-Clamp Anchoring System are also economical. When worn, they can simply be unbolted and replaced with a fresh set, without the need to replace the jaws themselves, or the anchoring stand. The system is compatible with all Chief specialty-anchoring products, and can be retrofitted onto existing Chief Universal anchoring stands.

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