Fix Auto Thunder Bay South Becomes I-CAR Gold Class Certified

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Fix Auto has announced that Fix Auto Thunder Bay South has become I-CAR Gold Class certified, effective January 12, 2017.

For a collision repair business to qualify for the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals recognition, it must declare a minimum of one I-CAR Platinum Individual as a Role Representative in each of the following four roles: Refinish Technician, Steel Structural Technician, Non-Structural Technician and Estimator.

Fix Auto Thunder Bay South owner-operator Roy Pelletier explains the journey to obtaining this certification, saying that one challenge he faced was that most technicians were not equipped for online training at home. He remedied to this by building an in-house training centre, complete with a 55-inch screen, which allowed technicians to follow training on shop time in a comfortable environment, and have access to other staff for support. “The buy-in from the staff has been incredible,” he says. “Everyone on our team is committed to continuing their education in the collision repair field, and they have a genuine sense of pride being I-CAR Platinum technicians.”

Pelletier concludes: “As a shop owner, customer service is paramount, and that begins with the customer safety. I sleep better knowing my technicians have the most up-to-date training and tools available to perform high quality repairs.”

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