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Wanting an immediate outcome is often a recipe for disaster.

We live in a society today where the concept of  “instant results,” has become front and centre. We hear all the time how today’s consumer wants something and wants it right now—if they have to wait, they will take their business elsewhere.

Additionally, the same approach applies to some aspects of business-to-business transactions. Some clients expect the final result immediately and if not satisfactory, or delivered on time, they will walk.

If you ask me, the concept of instant results is quite preposterous.

Anything that’s worthwhile accomplishing, simply takes time. Whether it’s training your staff on a new shop process or piece of equipment; upgrading our expanding your facilities; cultivating new clients and placing your business in a situation where it’s a well-oiled machine and able to deliver consistent, quality results—always takes time.

The concept of instant results implies the need for instant gratification. In most cases, instant gratification leads to disappointment. Even if the need is satisfied, it’s not long before we crave something else.

When we try to do things quickly, there’s a tendency to cut corners, to rush, to become sloppy and deliver a result that tends to be average at best.

When I was a kid, I tried my hand at building model cars. I was so eager to paint the bodywork on one of them that I didn’t put down any primer, nor thin the paint, and spray bombed it in black enamel from a can. The result? The paint was thick, lumpy and looked terrible. I ended up having to scrape all of it off and start again, this time following the instructions and using a base primer; thinned, multiple bases coats applied with a spray gun and then cover the result in clear.

Scraping off the old paint took almost three days to accomplish and if I hadn’t had been in such a rush to paint in the first place, within that three days I would have completed the model car.

Instead it took me six days, even though the end result was satisfactory.

We all have days when we’re impatient, when we want to get things done as quickly as possible, yet in this business, we need to constantly be aware that practice makes perfect and getting there takes time.

Yes, we’re under pressure to meet cycle times and yes today’s technology makes the process of repairing a car more efficient than ever but the best tools and technology to do the work require the best level of knowledge, skill and training to use them effectively and that takes time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a successful collision repair business. It’s also something we can perhaps pass on to our customers, especially when a new vehicle and repair procedure is introduced (the 2016 and up Honda Civic rear section repair comes to mind). If everybody is aware that practice makes perfect and that the ultimate goal is to deliver the best repairs and the best service, its imperative that everybody understands that instead of demanding an immediate outcome.

The thing about instant results is that they never achieve anything worthwhile. Never have; never will.

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