Chris Hill fleet manager

GM Issues Fully Subscribed Fleet Memo

Supply constraints mean orders may be delayed for fleet customers. To open, I would like to applaud General Motors for rebranding their Buick electric vehicles with…

Trim Budgets, Not Safety!

When inflation is hitting an all-time high, that’s going to impact you and your customers. Now’s the time to be doing something about it, and make…

NAFA 2022: Moving Forward

New initiatives and structure are designed to help NAFA better serve its membership and the industry. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, NAFA was in the midst…
Chris Hill fleet manager

Gas: Paying More

I recall that not too long ago, I was complaining that it cost $50 to fill the gas tank in my car.  Last week, $50 only…
Kate Vigneau

Preparing for EV Conversion

Careful planning is key to achieving long-term objectives. Many organizations are questioning whether this is the time to electrify their fleet. They want to be proactive…
Chris Hill fleet manager

Cold Weather Considerations

Canada’s winter weather will have an impact on fleet EV operation. This past winter was memorable in Eastern Canada for more snow and colder temperatures than…
Chris Hill fleet manager

Filling the Void

Finding managers today is tough and not just for fleets. My LinkedIn feed seems to feature someone saying “adieu” every week. It wouldn’t bother me but…
Kate Vigneau

Safety Committees

Creating a clear mandate for driver responsibility and employee protection brings many benefits. One of the most important aspects of fleet management is driver safety, which…
ray brisby

Vehicle Life Cycles: Long-Term Planning

Stretching time horizons can help fleets better prepare for the future. One of the biggest issues facing many fleet managers today is the shortage of new…
Kate Vigneau

EVs, COVID-19 and Delayed Replacement

2021 Canadian Workshop brought key points into clear perspective. I have contributed to the Canadian Workshop at I & E for more than a decade so…

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