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University of the Aftermarket Announces List of Scholarship Awardees

The University of the Aftermarket (UAF) recently released the list of around 400 scholarship recipients. Pete Kornafel, MAAP and Danielle Sonnefeld, AAP, Co-chairmen, Education and Scholarship Committee, University of the Aftermarket Foundation (UAF) announced that a total amount of $557,600 was handed out to the scholarship recipients. As per the…

Permatex Xtreme Hand Cleaners Available in Three Fragrances

Permatex now provides its Fast Orange Xtreme Hand Cleaners in three different fragrances. Permatex’s currently best-selling Fast Orange Hand Cleaner has been available in the Xtreme Orange scent since its launch. The Fresh scent and the Cherry fragrance versions are new additions to the lineup. The latest versions offer the…