NexLink Certification for AB Magic Software

NexLink Certification for AB Magic Software
All WHI catalogue features are now available in and integrated into the AB Magic software. (Photo: VL Communications)

VL Communications recently announced that its AB Magic software has acquired the new NexLink certification.

All WHI catalogue features, such as Smart Search, A-Z search, Service Trend Advisor, Labour and Favourites, have now been integrated into and available in the software.

The company explains that the current integration eliminates the need to re-enter the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Instead, it is programmed in a way that the information is transferred directly, in a background process, from the shop’s estimate to the site. This aids in matching the parts correctly with the vehicle entered into the search. The company notes that this reduces the risk of errors and saves time as well.

“All our business partners using the WHI catalogue (Uni-Select, Lordco, Monaco Group) as well as garage owners and tire workshops will be able to benefit from all of these functionalities from now on, in the new version of AB Magic available,” says VL Communications, in a release.

AB Magic software is equipped with the capability of Multiple Document Interface (MDI) “Windows”. Users can not only toggle between two windows without closing one but also open up to 10 estimates at the same time.

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