Wiring Diagrams Go to Next Level With ProDemand

We saw this demonstrated at the AAPEX Show recently and boy, will it make things easier for the technician—the diagrams are ‘smarter’!

Mitchell1’s ProDemand wiring diagrams feature intelligent navigation taking you directly to the specific diagram for the component you searched for with traces automatically highlighted… how fast and easy it that! It’s very streamlined.

“Our product development team constantly reviews user feedback and continues to implement improvements to help technicians work more accurately and efficiently. The latest enhancements to the intelligent wiring diagrams are just one example of our efforts to keep improving the software,” said Gary Hixson, Marketing Manager, ProDemand at Mitchell 1.

Here are some of the enhancements:

  • Improved 1Search Plus navigation in the “related to” section of the search results to combine the search term with a related component or operation, to make it easy to find the needed information right away without a secondary search
  • Improved experience on mobile devices
  • Enhanced estimate guide navigation takes users directly to parts and labour content for the search term
  • License plate and VIN fields have been added to the quote printouts
  • Repair information lookup by part number
  • Extended mileage maintenance labour times in the estimate guide

You can get more information if you visit mitchell1.com, or call (888) 724-6742.

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