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Prioritizing Fleet Replacement

A points system for existing assets be a huge asset in times of supply shortages. As operations return to ‘normal’ after two years of unprecedented challenges,…
Kate Vigneau

Preparing for EV Conversion

Careful planning is key to achieving long-term objectives. Many organizations are questioning whether this is the time to electrify their fleet. They want to be proactive…
Kate Vigneau

Safety Committees

Creating a clear mandate for driver responsibility and employee protection brings many benefits. One of the most important aspects of fleet management is driver safety, which…
Kate Vigneau

EVs, COVID-19 and Delayed Replacement

2021 Canadian Workshop brought key points into clear perspective. I have contributed to the Canadian Workshop at I & E for more than a decade so…
Kate Vigneau

Data–A Real Issue by Kate Vigneau

Protecting data should be a top priority for all fleet organizations While the world stayed home, techies had time to invent new ways to disrupt businesses…
Kate Vigneau

Where to Start by Kate Vigneau

Having an overall plan is key to getting things done. Launching a fleet review project recently, I asked the client to explain in their own words…
Kate Vigneau

Dealing with Delayed Replacement by Kate Vigneau

Fleet professionals definitely understand optimum replacement. It is intuitive that capital costs (depreciation) decrease over time and operating costs go up as a vehicle gets older.…
Kate Vigneau

Lasting Changes from COVID by Kate Vigneau

The pandemic has significantly altered the way that we conduct our business and personal lives, but when it does finally subside, which of these changes are…

Mobility Mindset by Kate Vigneau

A shift in perspective good provides many benefits for fleet managers. Almost three years ago, I published a column on the Mobility Continuum and what it…

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