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Diagnostics vs. Expectations

How do you manage complicated diagnostic projects and client expectations? All too often I’m introduced to new clients because they’ve had a bad experience with a…

Dealerships Are Winning

OEM franchise networks are winning the battle for our market share! It was only 10 years ago that we—independent repair shop owners—were congratulating ourselves for keeping…

Young vs. Old

I usually write about an issue I feel needs to be discussed or a problem I see in the industry. Then I offer my opinion or…

Discounting—Still Out There

Don’t sell yourself short. We can’t afford it! One of the many obstacles of managing an automotive repair and service business profitably is too many competitors…

Educate, Inform, Advise… and Succeed

This article was inspired by a reminder sticker I saw on a new client’s window. Instead of showing the date/odometer reading of the next scheduled service,…

Shop Health & Performance

I’ve been giving advice and answering questions from other shop owners. One question seems to come up regularly—how to gauge the health of a shop as…

The Free Parking Lot Opinion

What’s the cost of a free parking lot opinion (FPO)? How long does it take to recoup the cost and lost revenue? And how does a…

Shortage of Skilled Technicians

The warning signs have been all around us for many years! Our industry has a major shortage of skilled technicians—a problem that’s growing at an alarming…

The Enemy Within

Do you bill your labour hours correctly? During an automotive owner’s business training/coaching session, the coach and trainer challenged us to explain why we don’t charge…

So You Want To Sell Your Business?

Selling your business can be harder to do than starting one. The best time to start thinking about selling your business was 10 years ago. Unfortunately,…


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